Contractual Disputes


Contractual disputes are an inevitable part of business and private life. Whether the contract relates to the purchase of a multi-million dollar business or a home, even with the best intentions and what may seem to be water-tight

agreements, disputes will arise. These disputes can be financially ruinous and in commercial contracts cause irreparable damage to customer/supplier goodwill as well as being a substantial drain on the funds and management time of a business.


Our litigation team is skilled in handling every type of contractual dispute. We enjoy a reputation for excellence and combine substantial litigation experience with extensive knowledge of the law of contract. We will handle every stage of litigation within the firm.

Our clients include large commercial enterprises such as banks and insurance companies as well as private individuals. We will take the time to understand the environment in which our business clients operate, as well as the details of the dispute in hand. Our priority is always to resolve the dispute on terms that are favourable to our clients while limiting the risks, costs and disruption caused by a dispute.


We understand that court action is not always desirable. Wherever possible, we use our experience in negotiation and mediation to resolve disputes without having to resort to the courts. But if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached, we are fully equipped to lead our clients through the entire litigation process.

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Susan Bevin

Litigation – Partner

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Glenn Cooper

Litigation – Partner

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