How we work with agents

At Cavell Leitch, we understand the importance of the Real Estate Agent/lawyer relationship. We often visit Real Estate offices to discuss topical issues (see our recent article on leased solar panels for example). At one recent session, we were surprised to hear how often agents are left out of the loop by lawyers, and how that impacts on their ability to do their job and have happy clients. Because of this, we wanted to let you know some of the processes we have in place here at Cavell Leitch to ensure a smooth sale and purchase process:

  • Copying agents in on communications that involve change of settlement dates, extensions and price reductions. We will also email the office address that sent us the confirmation form to let them know too.
  • Completing and returning the confirmation of contract forms quickly. We have adobe pro software that allows us to sign these forms electronically, which helps us speed up the process.
  • Authorising the release of keys as soon as we receive funds! The first phone call we make after receiving settlement funds is to the agent. If there is a form to return, we do that immediately after calling the agent. At a recent meeting with agents, we heard how some agents were still waiting for an update after 5pm, even though the purchaser’s lawyer had advised the purchasers that settlement had occurred. We don’t think this is acceptable and will continue to make key release a priority during the settlement process.
Buyers and Sellers Guides

We have digital and physical copies of our Buyer's and Seller's Guides (click on the links below to view our digital versions). If you would like physical copies sent to your office, please email and she will be happy to send you some.

Buyer's Guide

Seller's Guide

How can you help us?

Sometimes, the partner on the contract is not actually the person who is doing the legal work. We would be really grateful if you could update your records when we email you, so that the confirmation and settlement forms are sent to the person who is doing the work, so that we can complete and return them to you faster.

Catch up?

If you are interested in having a catch up with our team to discuss topical property law issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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