Areas of expertise

Collaborative law

Recently four lawyers from our Relationships Team completed the training to be recognised collaborative professionals, enabling us to assist our clients through the Collaborative dispute resolution process. We are excited about having this additional means of resolving disputes for our clients, particularly where preservation of a good relationship between you and your former partner is important.

What is collaborative law?

Collaborative law is an increasingly popular way of resolving disputes that allows each party to focus on what is important to them and work together in a non-adversarial manner, assisted by trained legal professionals, to resolve all matters in relation to separation.

This process allows parties to stay out of court and resolve matters in a respectful manner, considering the interests most important to each party.

The collaborative process

Each party will have a lawyer, specifically trained in collaborative law, together with the help of a neutral financial adviser to assist the parties in finalising a separation settlement. The process takes place over a series of meetings, generally involving all parties, to work towards exchanging information and finding common ground. This means no more arms-length negotiation by lengthy letters exchanged between lawyers.

If you are interested in learning more about collaborative law or how to use this to resolve matters with your former partner then please contact the Relationships Team.