Our areas of expertise

Our experience includes representing clients in the District Court, High Court, and Courts of Appeal as well as in arbitrations, mediations and negotiations.

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We have an in-depth understanding of family protections claims, testamentary promise claims and claims under the Wills Act and Trusts Act.

Recent work:

  • Representing adult children who were excluded from their estranged father’s will in a family protection claim;
  • Representing adult children against a step parent who frustrated an award of their entitlements from their parent’s will;
  • Representing an aging client and his natural children to protect his assets from a subsequent relationship;
  • Representing beneficiaries of a will against which a testamentary promise claim was brought;
  • Representing a charitable trust which was the beneficiary of a will against which family protection claims were brought;
  • Representing the executrix of a will against which family protection claims and testamentary promise claims were brought;
  • Representing the beneficiaries of a prior will who were excluded from a subsequent document which purported to be a will, but which did not meet the requirements of a will;
  • Representing beneficiaries of an estate in reaching a deed of family arrangement;
  • Representing an executor of an estate of a prior will in obtaining probate.

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