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We appreciate that it can sometimes be hard to get it right. We can make it easy by guiding you through and providing you with practical and pragmatic advice and support on a wide range of employee related issues. It’s not just about the law or the process, it’s about what is right, commercially, for you or your business.

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Our team of experts regularly advise and assist employers on a wide range of employee related matters. Our purpose is to reduce the risk to you when it comes to managing employees.

The potential impact on your business of getting it wrong can be enormous. Whether it’s the cost risk, the resources required to deal with a claim or the damage to your business reputation. Our team of experts can help you to get it right.

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Our areas of expertise cover:

  • Employment agreements - assisting with negotiating and agreeing clear obligations which motivate staff, maximise productivity, protect businesses and meet legal requirements
  • Workplace systems – getting it right at the outset by assisting with negotiating and drafting the documents and procedures which set the systems within which employees operate
  • Managing employees - providing day to day advice and guidance on the multitude of workplace issues that arise in the operation of a business. This includes assisting employers to conduct robust disciplinary and performance management processes
  • Employee claims – advising on and handling claims by or against employees. This may include managing investigations into bullying or harassment, defending personal grievances, private negotiations, or attending mediation and hearings
  • Advising on legislative and regulatory compliance. This includes your obligations relating to parental leave, human rights, holidays and sick leave, minimum wage, and health and safety
  • Commercial deals – helping businesses understand the employment issues that arise in business and commercial transactions
  • Restructuring and redundancy – advising on and assisting with implementing procedures for restructuring and redundancy in order to minimise the risk and upheaval to your business
  • Protecting your business - such as issuing injunctions to prevent breach of confidential information, non-solicitation and non-compete obligations
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'Back to Basics' Employment Law Guide

Our employment team have put together a ‘Back to Basics’ guide where they break down the life cycle of the employment relationship.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to the team directly or if you’re not sure who best to contact, reach out to us via our contact us page.

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