Protection orders

Protection orders may be able to be obtained where there has been family violence of any kind (physical, psychological, or sexual) by someone you are, or have been, in a family relationship with or someone you have had a close personal relationship with.

If you, or your child, has been the victim of family violence, we can help you to apply for a protection order. This can be a difficult and sensitive issue, however we can assist you with understanding, care, and respect for your situation.

We can also provide assistance in defending an application for a protection order made against you, where you feel that the application may be unwarranted or unnecessary.

Welfare guardians or property managers

We can also assist you with obtained a court order to appoint a welfare guardians and/or property managers where there is a concern that a loved one no longer possesses the ability to manage their own affairs and welbeing. In legal terms, this involves an assessment by a medical proffessional as to whether the person now lacks capacity. This is can be a difficult and complicated scenatio, however our team of experts can advise you with empathy and discretion.