Protection orders

Protection orders should be obtained when there is a risk of harm to one person within a relationship, or when you feel unsafe. If you, or your children, have been the victim of domestic violence we can help you apply for a protection order, and also advise you if you feel that your protection order is not being respected. This can include either physical or psychological threats. This is obviously a difficult and sensitive topic, however we can assist you with understanding and empathy for your situation.

We can also advise you if you have had a protection order made against you which you feel is unwarranted.

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Welfare guardians or property managers

We can also assist you with obtained a court order to appoint a welfare guardians and/or property managers where there is a concern that a loved one no longer possesses the ability to manage their own affairs and welbeing. In legal terms, this involves an assessment by a medical proffessional as to whether the person now lacks capacity. This is can be a difficult and complicated scenatio, however our team of experts can advise you with empathy and discretion.