2023 marks our firm's 100th year in business. Cavell Leitch is a Christchurch-based law firm that is here to help clients. Since the firm was founded in 1923, our guiding values have remained the same: we provide our clients with clear advice and great service.

Our firm started from relatively humble beginnings in 1923 when Arthur Cavell first operated a sole practice, shortly after he joined forces with another sole practitioner Tom Milliken who passed away just a few years later. Arthur later joined forces with Tam Leitch in 1938 after he rose through the ranks, having first joined Arthur Cavell as a Law Clerk. Together they formed Cavell & Leitch. Ian Pringle subsequently joined the partnership in 1953, followed by Des Boyle in 1968. Since then, we have been fortunate to have had many of Christchurch’s leading lawyers help grow the firm.

Throughout the decades, our firm has been built on a solid foundation—the quality of our clients and our unwavering commitment to providing Christchurch, and the rest of New Zealand, with expert legal advice. We are proud to mark our firm’s first century in business and we are honoured to have served generations of clients, assisting them in their legal needs and helping to navigate complex issues. It has always been a privilege to be a guiding hand during challenging times and to celebrate the victories alongside our clients. Now, 100 years on, we have a large and strong team that includes genuine specialists in nearly every area of law. Our principals are leading figures in the legal community, while our brightest up-and-comers run a shadow board to drive initiatives that ensure we’re always meeting modern-day needs.

Even though we have the benefit of experience and history behind us, Cavell Leitch is a firm that is continuously progressing forward. We were named one of New Zealand Lawyer’s most innovative firms for 2020 – a nod to those who break the mould to best service their clients. In 2022, and for a consecutive year in 2023, we were proud to be named one of New Zealand Lawyer’s Employers of Choice – acknowledging firms that place a focus on developing staff to their full potential. With a fully digital office, gender-balanced leadership, and a team of over 75 dedicated staff, our commitment to service, quality advice, and continuous improvement has never been stronger.

Recently we went through a rebranding exercise to modernise Cavell Leitch’s image. While going through this process we were united in our desire to build on our rich heritage to continue to have our clients at the heart of everything we do. Even though we might have a new colour scheme, our mission statement remains the same - we want our clients to have the best possible experience every time they work with us.

Our business’s values reflect our continued dedication to client service, in fact, one of our key values is simply “Delight our Clients”. Every day, we remind ourselves that it's not just about the work we do; it's about making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve. We believe that our dedication to exceeding expectations, going the extra mile, and leaving our clients with a sense of satisfaction is what sets us apart and drives our success. We understand that legal matters can be confusing and stressful; our role is to simplify the process for our clients, listen to their needs, and then provide timely, transparent and cost-effective advice that will allow our clients to move forward with confidence.

Glenn and Susan
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Recently Cavell Leitch hosted a Centenary Celebration for staff, their partners, and a number of long-serving alumni of the firm.

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We thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with the familiar faces of whom have contributed to the success of Cavell Leitch over the years.

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The Great Hall in the Arts Centre proved to be the ideal venue to commemorate this significant milestone, given its central location in Christchurch, where our journey first began.

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Cavell Leitch Directors took this opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the firm's people and their unwavering commitment to excellence, and dedication to client service.

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We thoroughly enjoyed this opportunity to celebrate a century of Cavell Leitch.

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We look forward to the next 100 years of extraordinary achievements.