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Penny deals with issues that arise out of relationships.

This could be assisting people with putting in place structures to protect assets brought to a relationship or assisting with the division of assets on a separation and considering any other claims that could arise.

"Clients are often seeing me about the most important thing going on in their lives I use my knowledge and expertise to guide them so that they can move on."

She also assists with claims made against estates by claimants unhappy with the provision made for them in a Will, or where promises may have been made but not honoured in a will.

Penny also deals with applications to Court for managers or welfare guardians for people who have been assessed as lacking capacity.

This area of law can be fraught with emotions, and Penny recognises that sometimes solutions are not all legal.

Kimberlee and Jackson

"Penny showed enormous compassion during an extremely emotional time as she represented me following my sudden marriage separation. Her extensive family law experience and professionalism gave me the reassurance I was receiving the best possible advice. Penny's thoughtfulness and kindness enabled me to cope with the legal proceedings during a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Penny and her team."

Recent work

  • Counsel on a separation involving a business and a farm
  • Structuring assets using trusts and contracting out agreement for a new relationship where there was significant income and asset imbalance.
  • Applying for orders for management of finances of a person with significant addiction issues
  • Applications for relationship property division, and successfully obtaining orders where one party was reluctant to engage.
  • Co-counsel in claims by family against estate.

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