We are pleased to announce that Amanda Fitzgibbon has been promoted to Principal of the Cavell Leitch relationships team.

Amanda Fitzgibbon co-leads the relationships/family law team at Cavell Leitch. Amanda understands that for her clients, navigating family law is often a highly stressful and emotional time and she provides practical and client focussed solutions. Amanda practices across all areas of family/relationship law including parenting, family violence, separation, contracting out, dissolution, adoption and is a court appointed lawyer for child. Amanda also has experience in protection of personal and property rights and family estate claims.

Amanda represents clients at all levels, including private negotiation, mediation and in the Family Court and High Court. A specific part of Amanda’s practice is her Lawyer for Child work which she is truly passionate about. By working as a Lawyer for Child, Amanda ensures that children are supported and that they have a voice and representation in what can be a confusing experience.

Amanda is a member of the Family Law Section and is currently training to be able to offer Collaborative Law which will help her clients reach agreements that meet everyone’s needs. Amanda also contracts to Fairway as a child specialist.

Amanda is mindful of the area in which she works and how emotionally fraught it can be. Client confidentiality, trust and relationships are all vital. Amanda is approachable, down to earth, empathetic and has an ability to practically guide her clients through a stressful process with success.