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The government has introduced a new 2022 Special Ukraine Visa for family members of Ukrainians in New Zealand, moved forward dates to allow tourists to travel to New Zealand and have made border changes.

We have summarised the changes in the infographic below:

Key Immigration Dates

Ukrainian visa

NZ-based Ukrainians will need to nominate family members for this visa. After a family member has been nominated, they may apply for this visa.

If they are unable to complete the application, NZ-based family members may apply on their behalf.

Requirements for NZ family

To qualify to support this visa, NZ-based family members must:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or resident class visa holder;
  • Ordinarily reside in New Zealand;
  • Have been born in Ukraine, or have held citizenship or be a permanent resident of the Ukraine; and
  • Meet the requirements to sponsor a temporary-class visa.

NZ-based family members may only support their:

  • Parents;
  • Grandparents;
  • Siblings; or
  • Adult Children.

The above family members may include their partners and children in the visa application.

Requirements for Ukraine-based family

In order to apply for this visa, family members in Ukraine must:

  • Have been living in Ukraine in January 2022; and
  • Be of good health; and
  • Be of good character
  1. An eligible Ukrainian in New Zealand will nominate a family member and their family, using the expression of interest form which can be found here
  2. Immigration New Zealand (INZ) will tell the sponsor whether they can apply for this visa, and will send an application form
  3. The sponsor or the family member in Ukraine must submit the application within 4 months
  4. INZ will assess the visa and issue their decision
  5. If approved, the visa holders will have 9 months to enter NZ

Successful applicants will be issued a two year visa, which will allow adults to work in New Zealand and children under the age of 18 to study.

The NZ-based family member will be responsible for the accommodation and living costs of their Ukrainian family.


In addition to introducing a bright line test of 1.5 times the median wage for other critical workers and adding new border class exceptions, INZ have also made following changes:

  • Expand the Recognised Seasonal Employer border exception to include Fiji, Tuvalu and the Solomon Islands.
  • Add Tourism New Zealand Strategic Media Programme to the government-approved programmes list.
  • Add IWG Women in Sport Conference (November 2022), Ireland Rugby tour (June 2022), Super Rugby Pacific (April 2022), New Zealand Warriors fixtures, Breakers fixtures and Phoenix fixtures to the government-approved events lists.
  • revoking the capped Working Holiday Schemes (these changes became effective on 3 March 2022); then
  • certify the capped Working Holiday Schemes to allow them to reopen in a staggered manner (these changes take effect between 16 March and 13 September 2022).

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