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COVID-19 has made it difficult for visa applicants to collect documentation and submit physical visa applications to Immigration New Zealand (INZ). As a result, INZ have pushed out the deadline to submit applications under the Skilled Migrant (SMC) and Investor 2 categories of residence. The authorities have also announced extended deadlines to respond to Potentially Prejudice Information letters (PPI) or requests for additional information.


Key updates are as follows.

Extensions to application deadlines for SMC and Investor 2 residence applications

Applicants usually have four months to submit SMC or Investor 2 residence applications, from the date they are invited to apply. This has been extended, allowing 10 months to submit these residence applications, calculated from the date the applicant is invited to apply.

Importantly, this extension only applies to visa applicants who were invited to apply under these residence categories, between 01 November 2019 and 15 April 2020.

Extensions to respond to PPI letters and requests for further information,

  • Applicants who have received a PPI letter before 25 March 2020 now have until 12 June 2020 to respond.
  • Applicants who have received a PPI letter on or after 14 May 2020 now have an additional four weeks to respond.
  • Applicants who have received a Request for Information now have 10 working days in total to respond.

Applicants may provide responses before their due date is reached, if they are able.

Our advice

These deadline extensions are a welcome update from INZ and will allow some breathing room for visa applicants to prepare and submit fully-complete applications and responses.

As always, there is an obligation to update INZ of any material changes to an applicant's circumstances, including redundancy or reduced hours.

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