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Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has recently released updated allocation times for Skilled Migrant and Residence from Work category applications.


High priority

If you earn more than $106,080 annually, or are working in an occupation where registration is required, and you hold that registration, your residence application will be prioritised for allocation. Prioritised applications are being allocated to a case officer within two weeks of entering the queue.

Low priority

If your residence application does not meet the criteria to be prioritised, it will be placed in a low priority queue. There is a substantial backlog of these low priority applications. As of 22 September 2020, applications submitted to INZ in March 2019 are being allocated to case officers.

Our advice

Individuals who have applied for residence need to hold a valid temporary visa for the duration of their time in New Zealand until their residence visa has been granted. Practically, this will mean that a large number of Work to Residence visa holders and those applying for residence through the Skilled Migrant Category, will need to renew their temporary visas in order to remain lawfully in New Zealand.

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If you have any questions or would like assistance with renewing your temporary visa please get in touch with the team

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