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On 3 September 2021 Immigration New Zealand (INZ) announced that the new variation of conditions (VOC) form for work visas is now available online.

INZ has been working to add more online application options to their website to enable processing to continue even when staff are unable to access INZ offices. The most recent addition is an application form for VOCs for work visas, which can be found here!

Online VOC applications can be submitted for paper applications which were sent to INZ before the recent lockdown if an acknowledgement email has not yet been sent by INZ. Paper VOC applications submitted after lockdown, may also be resubmitted via the online form.

No fees will be charged for these paper applications, and they will be returned once INZ offices reopen.

Paper-based applications will continue to be processed. However, due to the recent lockdown there will likely be delays.

Our thoughts

This update is positive news for both employers and employees. The online form will simplify and streamline processing of work visa VOC applications. We would encourage those applying for a VOC to their work visa to submit via the online form, rather than submitting a paper-based application.

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